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15 October 2014

Essie Vested Interest

So autumn has come so I’ve brought out the autumn shades for my nails. My current favourite is this lovely grey-toned green from Essie called vested interest. I love grey-toned polishes all year round but particularly in autumn & this shade makes green so wearable. 

What nail polishes are you loving at the moment? 


  1. The shade does look very wearable! I usually lean towards nude shades because I work in an office, but I've been loving the Nails Inc Nail Kale in Westbourne Park Road. I think you'd like it, it's a grayish toned lavender.

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  2. oooh yes I’ll check that out, Ciate have one called pillow fight which is a nice greyish purple too! x

  3. Thanks for dropping by the blog Julie! Love your site :)

    I've been gravitating towards maroon or oxblood red and greys for fall.. but I love this color on you! Will have to check it out!


  4. Maroons and oxblood colours are great autumn classics and always look lovely! x


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