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25 July 2014

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
I actually read this book a few months ago, I actually finished in during uni because I based one of my projects on the story. It's about a guy who has a low IQ and goes through an experimental operation to become smarter. It's a really touching story and it's about so much more than just someone becoming smarter, I loved all the themes in this book and I'd defo recommend it to everyone. It's an easy read too!

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
I opted for Kafka on the Shore as my first Murakami read. I've heard a lot about his books before but I wasn't sure if it would be my thing but it defo is my thing! So different to anything I have read before but so gripping. I just love the way he writes and the characters in the story. The chapters alternate between two characters whose stories eventually intertwine and I found myself reading through so quickly to see how they would connect. If you haven't read any Murakami books before then I'd defo recommend this as a first.

Paper Towns by John Green
I chose Paper Towns as an easier read to tone down the Murakami craziness. I've never actually read The Fault in Our Stars before but I was gifted this at Christmas so I thought I would read this first. This was a quick and fun read, I was a bit unsure at first but I really did enjoy it after. The ending was a bit of a let down for me though!

Have you read any great books recently?

9 July 2014

I think I have quite possibly found the best smelling body products ever! 
Last week I was having a browse around & other stories on Regent street when I came across a scent I couldn't forget. I love the beauty section in there, especially their bath and body range and I own the Shinjuku Bloom body lotion which smells lovely. 

Anyway, as I was browsing I sampled the Méditerranéen body soufflé which smelt amazing! I then thought I'd test out the body scrub from the same scent range (they have a sink there) on my hands. After rinsing them, I applied the body soufflé and on the way home I couldn't stop smelling my hands! It just made me feel like I was on a beach somewhere sipping on fruit mocktails, I can't find another way to describe it really. I was with my boyfriend and I made him try too, he also agreed that it smelt amazing!

"Inspired from the blooming Mediterranean coast, this fragrance has a scent of sweet rhubarb that melts into a jasminey-mimosa and rounds off with a woody base." - www.stories.com

A few days later I went back into there after lunch with a friend to persuade her to try it too. We both gave in and ended up buying a scrub and body lotion for each other. I prefer the lotion because it is really light although not as moisturising as the soufflé. I used both of these all over my body yesterday and I was still amazed at how nice it smelt. If you're ever by Regent Street then definitely pop in and give the scrub and lotion a try, it's important to scrub then moisturise as the layering really makes a difference. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love the smell and they leave your skin feeling so soft too. I don't moisturise my body regularly because I'm always too lazy to but I feel like I want to slather this on everyday haha.

Sorry for the rambles but this stuff seriously smells so good! If you don't live in London then they are also available to buy online here (you'll just have to trust my judgement). Think light floral, tropical fruits and a summer's beachy breeze. 

What are your favourite body products?

4 July 2014

It was my birthday on Monday and I've been constantly spoilt, I've been out for a few meals and no one has let me pay for anything (yes i am complaining)! On my actual birthday my boyfriend took me to Wright Brothers in Soho for Dinner. I've been wanting to go for a while so I was really excited!

Oysters: Colchester Rocks, UK // £8 & Gillardeau Speciales, FR // £12.50
Dressed Oysters: Soya & flying fish roe // £8.25 & Chilli Jam // £8.25
Shellfish: Shell-on Atlantic prawns // £5, Winkles // £4, Whelks // £4 & Razor clams // £2 each

To start, we decided to go with a seafood platter! You have the option to order one of their platters or to build your own selection. We mostly wanted oysters so we went with building our own. The oysters were so fresh and delicious, all 4 were amazing! I really loved the dressed oysters but my favourite out of the two were the chilli jam ones (must try!). If you love oysters, you won't be disappointed. 

However, the shellfish were very standard and nothing was particularly special. We're used to having shellfish freshly cooked and still hot/warm so having them cold was a little strange and didn't really do anything for us. It was nice to have something else to nibble on between the oysters though and I'd recommend the prawns if anything. 

Dressed Oysters - Chilli Jam // £8.25 & The Wright Peachy // £5 
Dressed Oysters - Soya & flying fish roe // £8.25

250g Chilean wagyu bavette steak - fries & fennel salad // £26.50
Our tummies were craving for some hot food so we browsed the menu again and both opted for steak. I'm pretty sure we were drawn to this dish because we've never tried a wagyu steak before (only topped on sushi, which was great btw). We both went for medium rare and I took the less rarer of the two which was perfect for me. I'm not sure what I was supposed to expect with this steak but I can say that it was amazinggg. A teeny bit crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. It would have been better if there was some peppercorn sauce offered with this but there weren't, not a big deal though because the meat was really good that it didn't matter so much. 

We were pretty full at this point so we shared a chocolate fondant with ricotta icecream for dessert. Not bad but not the best I've had either, it did come with a candle and singing though so that was nice haha. 

Overall, we had a great meal and would definitely recommend it to any seafood lovers. The service is really good too, everyone was really polite, friendly and attentive. It is expensive but not ridiculously so it makes a great treat! I believe the menus at atmospheres vary slightly between the 3 london locations so do check out their site beforehand if you are looking to visit. 

Do you have a favourite seafood restaurant in London? Let me know! 

Food: 3.5 / 5
Atmosphere: 4 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Value: 3.5 / 5

Wright Brothers (Soho)
13 Kingly Street & G7/G8 Kingly Court

2 July 2014

I love Lancome's Bi-Facil (£21) and I have gone through numerous bottles of the stuff, I have even found the perfect cotton pads to use with it. I use waterproof mascara so anything without oil will have a hard time getting it off. 

Recently, I picked up L'oreal's Absolute Make-up remover (£5.49) which is just as good as the Bi-Facil but for the fraction of the price. It does have more of an oily residue but I always cleanse my whole face after so it doesn't bother me anyway. The packaging isn't as nice and you do have to be careful with this one because the product does pour out much faster (I learnt the hard way), but you really can't complain for the price. The product itself is almost identical so it's definitely worth trying out L'oreal's one. Even when Bi-Facil is sold as a duo pack for £28; it is still more expensive! 

If you do pick up L'oreal's Absolute Make-up remover then make sure you get the right one. I believe there is a gentle version which looks almost identical, however, that one will be a pain to use for waterproof makeup.

What is your favourite eye-makeup remover?

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