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4 July 2014

It was my birthday on Monday and I've been constantly spoilt, I've been out for a few meals and no one has let me pay for anything (yes i am complaining)! On my actual birthday my boyfriend took me to Wright Brothers in Soho for Dinner. I've been wanting to go for a while so I was really excited!

Oysters: Colchester Rocks, UK // £8 & Gillardeau Speciales, FR // £12.50
Dressed Oysters: Soya & flying fish roe // £8.25 & Chilli Jam // £8.25
Shellfish: Shell-on Atlantic prawns // £5, Winkles // £4, Whelks // £4 & Razor clams // £2 each

To start, we decided to go with a seafood platter! You have the option to order one of their platters or to build your own selection. We mostly wanted oysters so we went with building our own. The oysters were so fresh and delicious, all 4 were amazing! I really loved the dressed oysters but my favourite out of the two were the chilli jam ones (must try!). If you love oysters, you won't be disappointed. 

However, the shellfish were very standard and nothing was particularly special. We're used to having shellfish freshly cooked and still hot/warm so having them cold was a little strange and didn't really do anything for us. It was nice to have something else to nibble on between the oysters though and I'd recommend the prawns if anything. 

Dressed Oysters - Chilli Jam // £8.25 & The Wright Peachy // £5 
Dressed Oysters - Soya & flying fish roe // £8.25

250g Chilean wagyu bavette steak - fries & fennel salad // £26.50
Our tummies were craving for some hot food so we browsed the menu again and both opted for steak. I'm pretty sure we were drawn to this dish because we've never tried a wagyu steak before (only topped on sushi, which was great btw). We both went for medium rare and I took the less rarer of the two which was perfect for me. I'm not sure what I was supposed to expect with this steak but I can say that it was amazinggg. A teeny bit crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. It would have been better if there was some peppercorn sauce offered with this but there weren't, not a big deal though because the meat was really good that it didn't matter so much. 

We were pretty full at this point so we shared a chocolate fondant with ricotta icecream for dessert. Not bad but not the best I've had either, it did come with a candle and singing though so that was nice haha. 

Overall, we had a great meal and would definitely recommend it to any seafood lovers. The service is really good too, everyone was really polite, friendly and attentive. It is expensive but not ridiculously so it makes a great treat! I believe the menus at atmospheres vary slightly between the 3 london locations so do check out their site beforehand if you are looking to visit. 

Do you have a favourite seafood restaurant in London? Let me know! 

Food: 3.5 / 5
Atmosphere: 4 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Value: 3.5 / 5

Wright Brothers (Soho)
13 Kingly Street & G7/G8 Kingly Court


  1. Mmm that must have been very delicious!
    I'm not really into eating raw oysters, but it still looks great though :P

  2. I actually like all my food cooked but for some reason I really like raw oysters haha.

  3. Antonella_76948 July 2014 at 18:43

    This looks amazing ,love!

  4. I never had oysters, but those look amazing!

  5. too bad its expensive, but I've developed such a liking for seafood lately all photos look delicious! xx

  6. Yeah it sucks that seafood is expensive!

  7. tall this food looks just amazing!

  8. Ah I've just stumbled upon your blog now and I have to say I love your layout and posts!
    I've never actually tried oysters before, but looking at your lovely pictures, they do look tasty - so it was a shame you didn't enjoy them!
    My favourite fish restaurant that I've been to is Loch Fyne, and they have two restaurants in London. I've only ever been to the one up in Newcastle, but it was amazing and I don't imagine that others would be that different! The service was so good and the food was delicious, so I would really recommend trying it out :)


  9. Thank you Charlotte! haha I think you misread, I loved the oysters!! I've heard of Loch Fyne but never tried it so I shall make sure to go there next time.


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