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9 September 2014

So a couple of weeks ago, me & my boyfriend spent our bank holiday Monday at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. We actually spent the day before in Bath and Bristol so it was only an hour drive away. As expected, the weather was horrible, it rained all day but we wanted to go and so we went! 

When we collected our tickets, we were also given a map and a CD which we had to play throughout the safari. Everyone starts off with the safari and then you get to explore the adventure park and see the Longleat House after. We got out of our car for the first part of the safari, here we saw lemurs, wallabies, zebras and giraffes! 

You have to stay in your car for the rest of the safari. Most of the time you have to keep your windows closed too but you can have them open for some parts, for example, when feeding the deer!
One of the best (and worst) parts of the safari, is the monkey drive-thru. This is actually optional and there is a warning sign saying the monkey will take parts off your car! We decided to go in anyway, it was actually quite enjoyable but we came out with missing parking sensors! 

They have loads of animals there that you get to see, we saw flamingoes, wolves and tigers too!

(The photo of the lions was taken by my boyfriend who demanded credit for it & wouldn't let me claim it as mine, haha)

We were pretty tired after the safari & weren't willing to walk in the rain anymore so we skipped the adventure park. We did go and see the Longleat House though which was so beautiful! I couldn't stop staring at the ceilings in there.

There was some horrible traffic on the way home which almost doubled our journey time but at least we got to see some nice scenery on the way. We also caught a glimpse of Stonehenge! 

What did everyone else get up to on the Bank holiday weekend? 


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