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2 June 2014

Two weekends ago me & my family went to Brighton for a little trip. We stayed in a lovely little apartment just across the road from the beach. 

Before we went I did some research on places to eat, the list ended up being really long and we were only there for one full day and night. In the end I decided for us to go to The Creperie for breakfast/lunch and then to The Coal Shed for dinner, however The Coal Shed had no tables left by the time I called to book so we decided to go to Smokeys as it was just a short walk from us. 

I loveee the Creperie's interior, especially the screen prints on the walls!

Most of us had galettes, my sister had a crepe and I ordered the waffle. Everyone's food was fine but my waffle was pretty bad. The waffle itself was overcooked so it was just really dry and made me feel like I was eating cardboard but I still ate most of it anyway.. I just wasn't happy. 
After we ate we headed to the pier for some fun and games with the kids then spent the rest of the afternoon checking out our apartment and just chilling on the beach .

We ordered two platters to share for dinner which came with fries and coleslaw. My favourite was the pork ribs and the sausage, we couldn't finish everything so we took some back to the apartment and made pulled pork sandwiches the next morning. mmm!
After dinner we headed back to the apartment and me & my boyfriend popped out later to catch the sunset. I love beach sunsets! 

It rained the next day so we just walked around the lanes for a little bit and had some smoothies before heading back to London. It was a short trip but it's just nice to be away from the city every now and then. Next time I go to Brighton I definitely want to The Coal Shed and 64 Degrees! 


  1. I love your photos! I have always wanted to visit Brighton and hopefully going in the next few months. It looked like you had a lovely time, following you on instagram and here :) xx

  2. Brighton's a lovely place! & thank you!

  3. I wanted to visit Brighton when I was living in London but never made it out there. Great shots, looks like a nice town for a visit!

  4. awrr, maybe next time you come to London you can take a trip out there!


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